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DetailingAt Complete Automotive Tire & Service we have been detailing vehicles for over 15 years. We use the best products and techniques to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

A very important thing to point out about auto detailing is that it is much different than just car washing. Someone who just washes cars will get the dirt off but, they may scratch your finish and maybe even the paint beyond repair. A professional detailing will protect the finish by removing surface contamination that washing alone won’t touch. Detailing is way beyond simple car washing.

We use clay bar as an essential car detailing tool that targets the common enemy of every car finish: pollution that causes automotive paint contamination. It relentlessly pursues your car from the second it leaves the factory until your car meets its ultimate demise. It’s in the air we breathe, it’s on the roads we drive, and it attaches to your car’s paint, where it bonds and begins a process of oxidation. With the use of clay bar we help protect and extend the finish of your vehicle.

If your looking to keep your car, truck, and SUV looking new, call us at 517-669-2725 to schedule your detailing service.

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